AS-PL becomes the supplier in MAM Autocat v8 e-catalogue



From June 11th, 2018 the range of AS-PL products can be found in the prestigious British MAM Software Autocat v8 e-catalogue. This is the continuation of dynamic development and broadening the level of recognition strategies. 

The MAM base is a modern, electronic catalogue of spare parts which enables to quickly and accurately find searched components. Beyond the user-friendly interface, catalogue gives access to product database which is updated regularly.

The Autocat’s v8 main purpose is to enable an easy contact between customers and suppliers. One of the system possibilities is a tracking of the status of email messages with questions about product deliveries. 
Intensive development of the company contributed to establishing of AS-PL UK Ltd.

“Our presence in the MAM catalogue is the next stage of the spare parts wholesale.” – adds Kevin Sharp, Director of Sales for the UK & Ireland.

„We are determined to enlarge the recognizability of our products among British and Irish customers, as well as the potential ones. That is why we put great emphasis on modern IT solutions, like a new website or online store launched at the beginning of the year. Joining to MAM platform is a continuation of the AS-PL policy" – adds Kevin Sharp.

At the end of the last year, the company become a certified member of the IAAF (The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation). The Federation is the equivalent of the Polish SDCM (Association of Distributors and Manufacturers of Automotive Parts).

“Requests for visits to the company facilities across Gdansk & Lubichowo are in such demand that it is becoming a full-time job to juggle the schedules and fit them all in” – summarizes Director of Sales for the UK & Ireland.
„The presence in the MAM catalogue is the key element of our company’s development on the British and Irish market. This is not the enlarge of customers aware of our products only, but the promotion of the brand and the region as well” – summarizes  Krzysztof Falk – Chief Operating Officer in AS-PL.